Buffalo Trucker Hat
Buffalo Trucker Hat

Buffalo Trucker Hat

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One of our goals at ChicaDee is to create designs that will uplift and inspire people to connect with the land and the plants and animals that inhabit it.

With our new Bafloo trucker we celebrate the buffalo while also acknowledging its unfortunate, painful history.

Bafloo is Michif (Métis language) for Buffalo. Fifty million buffalo once travelled the North American plains. There were herds so vast that it took days to pass them. Along with the buffalo were the indigenous nations of the plains who lived in sacred reciprocity, relying on the buffalo for their food, clothing and ultimately their way of life. In a gutting, irreversibly tragic move, incoming settlers organized the slaughter of millions of buffalo to eradicate the food source and way of life of indigenous nations. Buffalo were causally shot from passing trains and the white bones of buffalo covered the land.

Our Bafloo trucker honours the buffalo and the indigenous nations that once lived in harmony with them. 

Trucker: black brim - black mesh - snapback 

Sizing: our new larger size - fits heads 56cm - 61cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Ineke Rhebergen

Gorgeous design, hat fits nicely

Lori McDonald
Love the ocean design!

Wearing my Jellyfish Trucker hat brings me so much joy! As a mountain girl each time I put it on it takes me to the ocean. The design and color mix is so fun.

Shelley Hansen
Bold and beautiful

Chickadee design hats are bold and beautiful! Comfortably worn in many weather conditions.

Crispin Studer
I love that hat

My kid looks soooo cool with that hat.

karen petkau
Great hats.

Bought the jelly fish for myself and three others for friends. They are all super beautiful and I want to keep them all for myself!!