Bugaboo Nights

Bugaboo Nights

Metal print:      16" X 16"          20" X 20"         30" X 30"
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Jutting out of the Vowell Glacier, are the looming granite spires known as the Howser Towers. My last memory of the Howsers involved a star lit slog back to the Kain hut after grovelling up an ill formed ice climb called the Ice Hose. But the Howsers, which are part of a group of spires that comprise the Bugaboos, are not just a destination for climbers. Canadian heli skiing was born at the foot of those impressive monoliths. Skiers, climbers, hikers and all manner of tenacious adventurers have made the pilgrimage to the Bugaboos to marvel at the uniquely stunning topography and experience a kind of peaceful solitude that seems to emanate from the spires. If the Bugaboos have been calling your name, don’t wait, they are all that you imagine them to be and more.
Why Metal Prints?
Our aluminum clear gloss prints are made from 100% post consumer recycled metal and this delights us. We are always trying to find ways to make our products and creative processes more sustainable and printing our designs on metal reduces an enormous amount of waste. Our metal prints are 0.045 inches thick, surprisingly lightweight, permanent, durable, scratch resistant and can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth. Previously, I have used an epoxy resin to finish the majority of my work because I loved the vibrancy and depth that resin offers. However, epoxy resined artwork creates an incredible amount of waste, is highly toxic and the finish itself is difficult to clean, easily scratched and adds considerable weight to finished pieces. Switching to clear gloss metal prints allows me to continue to offer work that has a clean, simple, frameless appearance. The gloss brushed silver also allows the metal to show through the lighter areas of my images and creates a unique, lively quality to my work while simultaneously highlighting the detail of each image.