Jellyfish Trucker Hat
Jellyfish Trucker Hat
Jellyfish Trucker Hat
Jellyfish Trucker Hat

Jellyfish Trucker Hat

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If you have gazed into the inky waters of the west coast and spied a jellyfish you have fought the urge to reach out and touch its fascinating gelatinous looking form. Jellyfish are free floating ocean drifters that predate dinosaurs. The ultimate dirtbags! They have no blood, bones, brain or nervous system. Instead they use nerve nets to sense and respond to the changes around them. Some have bioluminescent organs that emit light and are used to attract their prey. Once near, jellyfish use their stinging tentacles to stun and catch small fish, shrimp, crabs and tiny plants. Their mouth is in the middle of their body and they use it to both eat and quickly eliminate their food, which is what allows them to float — they have nothing in their systems to weigh them down. Some jellyfish are so big they can be spotted from aircraft, while others are minuscule. Although most jellyfish have short lifespans, one species is considered to be nearly immortal. They can even still sting you once they are dead! Never underestimate the seemingly innocuous jellyfish. Ha!

Trucker: dark grey brim - dark grey mesh - snapback 

Sizing: our original medium size - fits heads 55cm - 58cm

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We bought the unicorn hat for our friend's daughter and she absolutely loves it! We also have the bear and the chipmunks for our children. Couldn't be happier with our purchase!

Jacob Schafer
Love it!

Make it in an adult size! I want one for myself.

Randy Desmarais
Coolest hat I ever purchased.

Always wanted one. But I bought for my brother first. ✊🏻

Alex Brook
My son loved it.

Big fan of these cute little guys since he was a wee lad.

Sonya Kelly
Love it

My daughter loves her hat!