Paintbrush Trucker Hat (BURGUNDY)
Paintbrush Trucker Hat (BURGUNDY)

Paintbrush Trucker Hat (BURGUNDY)


Some of my earliest memories of growing up in the Yukon involve ambling around in gumboots, being delighted by brightly coloured patches of paintbrush. Living in a cabin in the woods meant we spent an inordinate amount of time outside where the plants, trees and creatures were our friends. The natural world was and still is an endless source of wonder and comfort. I will never tire of flowers, but cultivated blossoms sold in flower shops are no match for the unheralded natural beauty of the powerful and often medicinal plants, grasses, trees and wildflowers that grow in the woods just beyond my front door. Paintbrush, Douglas Fir and Bunchberry are just a small sample of the hundreds of plants herbalists describe as our allies. 

Trucker: burgundy brim - burgundy mesh - snapback - one size fits all


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