Pika Trucker Hat
Pika Trucker Hat

Pika Trucker Hat

Like all alpine habitats, those of southwestern BC have relatively sparse wildlife due to the harsh climate and lack of vegetation. But our cute pikas are stout residents of the alpine and live at the highest elevations. They’re a small relative of the rabbit and hare and are known for their high-pitched calls. Since they do not hibernate in winter, I often think of them living their busy lives below as I ski tour on the barren snowscape above. I am fascinated by their mastery of, yet total reliance on, the alpine realm. Unfortunately, climate change poses a real threat with warming temperatures and diminishing snowpacks. They can die if exposed to consistent temperatures above the mid-twenties (Celsius), and they rely on the winter snowpack to insulate themselves from severe temperatures. Their habitats are isolated high-altitude islands, so pikas cannot migrate to colder latitudes. Because of this, pika populations are considered a bellwether of North American climate change.
Trucker: brown brim - brown mesh - snapback 

Customer Reviews

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Craig Bolt
Beautiful hat

What a beautiful hat - thank you so much - not sure how to attach the photo but the smile says it all. The hat compliments some of the beautiful artwork in the home- love it - thanks you so much

paul mcsorley
Love this Hat!

This Black Tusk hat is my go to for Coastal Mountain adventuring!

Merrie-Beth Board
Outdoor life

Great colours for an active outdoorsy person like me. Lite and breathable for theses hot summer days.

Diana Conway
Love this hat!

I’ve had people try to take, steal, buy, and trade my Chicadee Trucker Hats away from me. Soooo beautiful! This latest “Jellyfish” design is my favourite so far. Lots of compliments on this one.

Veerle Steenhuisen - Terhorst
Beautiful and very comfortable hat!!

Two years ago, my husband, our kids and I visited BC. The beautiful designs remind me of our trip and bring back happy memories. I also find the hat very comfortable to wear.
After accidentally throwing my husband's old hat (which he bought in BC two years ago) in the water in a fjord in Norway during our last vacation, I was super happy to be able to give him the Mount Robson hat as a "replacement" gift. He was delighted!