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ChicaDee Designs isn’t just a hat company. Yes, we make hats because we wear hats and frankly, we love a cool hat. But we aren’t just passionate about hats. We care about this earth and the people on it and we, like all of you, want to want to find authentic ways to translate our care into action. 

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Nature Inspired Hats For Children

At ChicaDee Designs, one of our primary goals is to help connect children to the natural world and cultivate in them a genuine love of nature. For that reason we created a selection of adjustable hats for children and toddlers that feature places, plants and animals from British Columbia. It is our great hope that our brightly coloured designs pique their interest and inspire children to inquire and learn about the plants and animals that live in the forests beyond their homes and schoolyards.

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Every Day Is Like Sunday

As an artist, my number one source of inspiration is sleep, preferably from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am. After that I need fruit and vegetables and a decent amount of water. Lastly, I require some time in the breezes, to move around outside in some capacity. If I stay up late, eat junk food and don’t get outside for fresh air, I’m no good to anyone. I’m convinced that the foundation of a creative life is comprised of the tips and tricks you would get from a grandparent.  But beyond maintaining a healthy lifestyle, creatives need down time. Legit down time, so ephemeral ideas and intangible concepts can gestate, roll around in our subconscious and form into something expressible. We...

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