Nevada Lynn --- Red River Métis

I grew up roaming the Yukon forests and the poplar stands of my grandmother’s Peace River farm. It’s fair to say I felt utterly at home in the breezes. As a child I loved to draw and paint and that, as well as an unwavering appreciation for the natural world, has never changed.
Creating ChicaDee hats has allowed me to switch from the traditional medium of paint to working digitally. Although awkward at first, I have grown to love the versatility and freedom of this new medium, as well as the fact that my creative process creates minimal waste.
The design space on ChicaDee hats provides a small, but portable canvas that allows me to communicate ideas and feature the beauty of nature in new and interesting ways. Instead of feeling limited by the size of the design space, I’ve embraced the challenge of creating designs that are simple enough to remain impactful, but also employ diverse colour schemes and a variety of different subject matter. Which really just means, I’m having a great time, never run out of ideas and cannot believe how lucky I am to be creating wearable art that is both uplifting and functional. I am blessed to have work that I love and the ever growing family of friends who wear our hats never ceases to delight me.
Last, but certainly not least, is the fact that all designs are vetted through the lens of intersectional environmentalism — the understanding that social justice and environmental activism are inextricably linked and are the pathways to impactful and lasting earth stewardship. As a company, the overarching aim is to use creativity to educate and fund social justice and environmental initiatives. Ultimately, to create art with heart!