Snowflake Trucker Hat
Snowflake Trucker Hat
Snowflake Trucker Hat
Snowflake Trucker Hat
Snowflake Trucker Hat

Snowflake Trucker Hat

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On Sale - our old small size - fits heads 55cm - 58cm

If you’re a Canadian with good vision, you’ve stared up at the sky and watched fat snowflakes softly falling onto your outstretched tongue. You’ve scooped up a handful of snow and blown it off your mittens. You’ve definitely eaten snow, more than once. You’ve announced with utter glee, “It’s snowing!” Maybe you ski, or play pond hockey, or snowshoe or just generally like the crunch of snow under your boots on a cool winters day. Or you’ve simply just sat by a window and watched the snowfall in a moment of repose. Either way, in a time of social distancing and political divide lets remember that snow unites us and winter is on its way!

Trucker: black brim - black mesh - snapback 

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Lori McDonald
Love the ocean design!

Wearing my Jellyfish Trucker hat brings me so much joy! As a mountain girl each time I put it on it takes me to the ocean. The design and color mix is so fun.

Shelley Hansen
Bold and beautiful

Chickadee design hats are bold and beautiful! Comfortably worn in many weather conditions.

Crispin Studer
I love that hat

My kid looks soooo cool with that hat.

karen petkau
Great hats.

Bought the jelly fish for myself and three others for friends. They are all super beautiful and I want to keep them all for myself!!

Rob Brannon
Great hat

Like I’ve said before, Chickadee never disappoints. Recently added the Kelp hat to my collection and I think it’s my new favorite one! Took it on a trip to Costa Rica a few weeks ago and gave it a good test in which it performed well against the elements! Great hat and excellent design!